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08 May 2006 @ 08:21 pm
i was about to join 28dayshealthier, which is some non-ed weight loss group thinger. i thought i should try losing weight the healthy way, so i can actually stop binging and lose weight slowly, the healthy way. then this beautiful waif of a girl walked into the computer lab and stood next to where i was sitting, and i turned away, knowing that i couldn't eat more than i have today.

anyways, the 28 days diet and points system seems good, so i'm just going to apply that to myself, starting today. maybe not points, but i'll definitely keep track daily of how i'm doing [since my posting's usually somewhat sporradic]. it starts now [because a month from now i'll have to wear a bathing suit practically every day], and i'm going to stick with it.

i'll keep track of caloric intake, water intake, and making sure i do at least one good thing for someone else every day [just to keep my sociality in check]. absolute calorie limit will be 1600 calories, including 50 g of fat [only up to 10 from saturated fat - since that's important]. i will try to keep calories under 1200, with at least 64 ounces of water everyday. so. personal points system:

under 1600 kcal - 1 pt
under 1200 kcal - 2 pts
under 50 g fat - 1 pt
under 10 g saturated fat - 1 pt
64 oz h2o - 2 pts
32 oz h2o - 1 pt
30 minutes exercise - 1 pt
1 good deed - 1 pt

thus the maximum points i can get every day --> 10 [w/ 1.5 hrs exercise]

can i get to 2800 points by the end of this month?

day 1

food: 820 calories = 2 pts
30 g fat = 1 pt
13 g saturated fat = 0 pts

water: 32 ounces = 1 pt

exercise: none = 0 pts

deed: bought dinner for my boyfriend = 1 pt

total: 5 pts

weight updates every time i step on a scale, i guess. kbye.

oh, ps: good site to check out --> www.weight-loss-i.com