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08 May 2006 @ 04:12 pm
i ate a buttload for lunch. a 'personal' sized pizza. bf said the equivalent of 2 normal sized slices, but it feels like i ate 40. and then i had my normal frozen latte, but i just feel so fucking full. i've decided to fast on just water until at least 2 pm tomorrow. when i have a final, so it should last until at least 4. started at 2 this afternoon. i think i'm full enough now to last me the rest of the day, so i shouldn't be so hungry as to engage in a binge tomorrow evening.

i really need to re-learn self-control. it's just seemed to escape me. i must start claiming to have eaten lunch/breakfast or whatever even if i've had nothing. i need to say "i'm not hungry" when food is in front of me. i heard a tip to ask half of an entire meal to be boxed before it even reaches your plate at a restaurant - i'll start doing that. that way, i can eat one quarter of a meal, say i'm full, and my plate will look like it. and i need to drink more water. no more diet soda. no more sweetened coffee & milk drinks. black coffee. plain tea. water.
Current Mood: crappycrappy