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07 May 2006 @ 11:40 am
striving for hunger again  
yesterday i had oatmeal and cottage cheese for breakfast, lunch was a salad [spinach, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, kidney beans, black olives, a little oil & vinegar] and half of a small brownie. total came to under 600 calories. i decided to fast for at least 24 hours [2 pm yesterday to 2 pm today], but i'll go longer; the plan is to wait until my boyfriend comes home, and if he wants to eat with me, i guess i'd end the fast then. i might try to eat a small breakfast everyday this week since it jumpstarts my metabolism for the day. a cup of oatmeal or cereal. and lots of coffee. maybe i can get some reading done in the mornings that way.

also, starting today i will refrain from all sweets: no dessert foods, no soda [even diet], no chocolate, no syrup on pancakes, no ice cream, etc. i'll wean my body off of sugar by going cold turkey. this way i'll have no desire to eat the buttloads of ice cream that dwell in my fridge at home.