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22 April 2006 @ 11:41 am
just woke up. stretched. saw my ribs displayed beautifully front and back. today will be a good day if i don't eat anything at all. yesterday i had a couple bites of a scone for breakfast with coffee, lunch was a cup of cream of tomato soup, dinner was a small slice of pizza and a sugary coffee french vanilla thing. didn't eat anything after 7.

i've found that the mornings i wake up with ribs are followed by an afternoon in which the first bite i consume of anything makes them fanish into fatty flesh once again. no calories today.

plus, i have to go to a brunch tomorrow. i'll spit my food into a napkin. or the toilet, that's my favourite: taking a large bite of something, chewing happily to make it look like you're enjoying it, saying 'excuse me, i'll be right back', and then spitting the nasty stuff into the commode. this is what i do since i cannot purge. it works for me.